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Silica, powerhouse and precious to our Precious Elements Range

Silica, powerhouse and precious to our Precious Elements Range

LaGaia is delighted to announce the UNEDITED Precious Element Range; Australia's first ever skin quenching range devoted to anti-ageing, silica and balan... [more]
5 reasons why Jade Stone Rollers are better than botox!

5 reasons why Jade Stone Rollers are better than botox!

reason 1  Jade stone massage is different than the standard hot stone massage you see in spa's. It is a deep tissue massage without the pain! Because of i... [more]
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Antioxidants shield us from the damage inflicted by free radicals. Free radicals can be produced by a multitude of factors, including poor nutrition as well as environmental factors such as UV radiation, pollution, and pesticides ? all of which lead to the breakdown of collagen and elastin, the protein structures that give the skin that youthful elasticity.

Oxygen free radicals have been implicated in the development of several diseases including cancer and pre mature ageing, highlighting the need to consider antioxidant levels as part of preventative skin care medicine.

Antioxidant defence and minimizing anything that generates free radicals help slow or even halt free radical damage to the tissues, thus helping prevent premature ageing.


Most of the antioxidants we consume come from plants, extracts and oils. They include vitamins A, C and E, carotenoids such as beta-carotene, some minerals, phenolic compounds and other naturally occurring chemicals with antioxidant properties. These protect your skin from free radical damage and reduce the effects of ageing. For example, the best sources of antioxidants for anti ageing, skin repair and protection naturally occur in the following LaGaia ingredients: Serums: Vitamin A-2 levels, vitamin C, rose hip oil, citrus seed extract, vegetable oils and Kakadu Plum. LaGaia?s tea?s are a rich source of antioxidants including: vitamin C, vitamin E and A, and minerals.


Antioxidants help neutralise free radicals (chemical by products known to damage cells). When free radicals overwhelm cells, the cells are unable to recover from free-radical-induced damage. Known as oxidative stress, this process is thought to promote aging. By combating free radicals, antioxidants are thought to fight oxidative stress (and, in turn, produce an anti-aging effect).


(published 18/02/2013 @ 15:11:00)

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Kristen Elise Laing-Herbert

Kristen Elise Laing-Herbert

Kristen Elise is GM and blog girl. Trying to live her unedited beauty truth - lifestyle, skincare, self-confidence. 

Unearthed. Unedited. Unforgettable.

Her mission as the Creative Director, is to help LaGaia become the 'Unedited Beauty Crusaders' of luxury spa brands. Enter LaGaia Unedited - without fluff marketing, false promises, LUE offers unedited formulations - natural + organic, unedited confidence and an unedited lifestyle to walk on the wild side every day.

"Luxury skincare is as much about character and personality, as elegant natural beauty. Skin that radiates au naturelle, is the most precious adornment any woman could wear. Transparency, no false promises and making studio photography and editing a thing of the past bringing street photography from 'point & capture' - straight to print." ~ Kristen Elise