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Silica, powerhouse and precious to our Precious Elements Range

Silica, powerhouse and precious to our Precious Elements Range

LaGaia is delighted to announce the UNEDITED Precious Element Range; Australia's first ever skin quenching range devoted to anti-ageing, silica and balan... [more]
5 reasons why Jade Stone Rollers are better than botox!

5 reasons why Jade Stone Rollers are better than botox!

reason 1  Jade stone massage is different than the standard hot stone massage you see in spa's. It is a deep tissue massage without the pain! Because of i... [more]
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LaGaia Hydraceutical Skin Care Range

LaGaia was born in Melbourne, Australia, when Doctor of Chiropractic and Therapeutic Bodywork practitioner, Dr Jean D. Laing, was unable to find a range of results driven, therapeutic skin and body care products that she was confident recommending to her patients.

Together with Australia's leading cosmetic chemists, LaGaia has formulated a pH optimal face and body care approach that restores and retains the skins natural and healthy acid mantle for visible cellular structural integrity. This enhances moisture retention capacity, free radicals and bacterial protection.

Free of toxic preservatives and fillers and formulated for the most sensitive of skin and using natures most advanced topically effective ingredient components, LaGaia is scientifically formulated for rapid trans-dermal absorption, surface protection and beautification.

LaGaia Copper Gel and Mist

Oil free and fragrance free this light weight gel and mist uses the latest anti-aging technology. Copper is required to maintain and balance the body's natural chemical and electrical processes and is well documented as effective in reducing inflammation. Copper also plays a vital role in the body's natural processes of repairing, rebuilding the skin surrounding connective tissue. This repairing process combined with LaGaia Ultra Hydration Serums results in tighter, firmer, rejuvenated skin, which in turn creates a more youthful appearance. Copper also defends against the damage and premature aging caused by free radicals free radicals and increases the production of collagen and elastin more than vitamin C.

LaGaia Vitamin A Regenerate Level 1 and 2

It all starts with Vitamin A. This fragrance free, microencapsulated formula is stable, protected from oxidation, has a super absorption rate and decreased chance of skin reactions. Vitamin A is also proven to be the most effective substance for treating ageing and UV-damaged skin. Light destroys Vitamin A so to correct this we need to topically apply this super anti-aging hydra-cellular regenerative formula daily. Sun and photo damage are signs of vitamin A deficiency. Two levels of concentration allows for a gradual introduction prior to more intense treatment to correct and prevent the vitamin A deficiency syndrome bringing fresh, plump new skin to the surface so that skin appears visibly more youthful. Vitamin A is also a great anti-aging nutrient, helping to keep fine lines, wrinkles, dull skin and other skin aging symptoms at bay. Importantly, Vitamin A also draws water to the surface of the skin, giving your skin a fresh, youthful, all-important moist appearance.

(From an Article in Spa Australasia Magazine)


(published 19/03/2013 @ 11:41:00)

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Kristen Elise Laing-Herbert

Kristen Elise Laing-Herbert

Kristen Elise is GM and blog girl. Trying to live her unedited beauty truth - lifestyle, skincare, self-confidence. 

Unearthed. Unedited. Unforgettable.

Her mission as the Creative Director, is to help LaGaia become the 'Unedited Beauty Crusaders' of luxury spa brands. Enter LaGaia Unedited - without fluff marketing, false promises, LUE offers unedited formulations - natural + organic, unedited confidence and an unedited lifestyle to walk on the wild side every day.

"Luxury skincare is as much about character and personality, as elegant natural beauty. Skin that radiates au naturelle, is the most precious adornment any woman could wear. Transparency, no false promises and making studio photography and editing a thing of the past bringing street photography from 'point & capture' - straight to print." ~ Kristen Elise