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Silica, powerhouse and precious to our Precious Elements Range

Silica, powerhouse and precious to our Precious Elements Range

LaGaia is delighted to announce the UNEDITED Precious Element Range; Australia's first ever skin quenching range devoted to anti-ageing, silica and balan... [more]
5 reasons why Jade Stone Rollers are better than botox!

5 reasons why Jade Stone Rollers are better than botox!

reason 1  Jade stone massage is different than the standard hot stone massage you see in spa's. It is a deep tissue massage without the pain! Because of i... [more]
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Facial Oil and Multi-tasking genius!

Facial Oil - high performing product of the century.

A cuticle and callous softener, the split end mender, lip primer, eye cream brow groomer and moisturiser!

Your thinking, why do I buy all these other products when this product offers me an all-in-one purchase?! The truth is although an well formulated oil can do many things, its not a complete solution for all your skin care needs, some ingredients work best in other bases and an oil isn't for everyone. Regardless we LOVE facial oils and here is the insider scoop on how we use ours! Lets work out way down.

Blue Steal Brows. If rock hard hair spray or flakey brow gel isn't ticking the box or keeping your brows in line, facial oil can keep a brow in fit condition - without feeling like your put 2ml of Botox into them. Dab a drop 
into each brow and bush them in 'your' presentable direction.

The Removal Expert. Find yourself with raw red eyes from trying to remove waterproof makeup repeatedly with no prevail and now super dehydrated, sensitive eyes. Using a few drops of a facial oil can be the emerald city to your dewy Dorothy eyes. Rub gently and use a warm damp cloth to remove the stubborn left overs.

Slip and Slide. Using an oil with your loose salt scrub can mean less mess, prevent over dosing on product and an exfoliation and hydration treatment all at the same time. Put a small amount of salt or sugar into your hand combined with oil or balm and enjoy. One word of advice, avoid the turmoil of over-exfoliation. Rinse off with water and the oil used to massage the dead skin cells away now acts as a moisturiser. 

Lip Smacking. If your lips are stubbornly dry and find that you need to constantly reapply lip balm to keep you lips feeling hydrated minute to minute, using a little bit of facial oil to prime can be the remedy of all time! Apply by lightly patting to your lips after you morning face cleanse and seal with some lip balm. You will find this to be an intense hydrating night time treatment also, so don't be afraid to take this secret to bed.

Split End Redeemer. Hair oil treatments are fantastic for dry and damaged hair or even just the strands that stray. One ingredient we look out for in serums is Silicone, it's difficult to remove from your hair once it's in and what you want is an oil that won't build up and create a sticky feeling, just seal a splits end. The look is conditioned and replenished.

Cuticle and Callous Tamer. Using a heavy oil - like camellia - on a callous or cuticle will make your ragged feet feel super soft and fresh from the pedicurists hands. Keeping those rough edges softer will mean that they will also be easier to remove.

Now these are only some of the ways that we use our or any well formulated facial oil. If you have any other Unedited beauty tips or tricks, let us know!


(published 23/02/2015 @ 10:25:00)

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Kristen Elise Laing-Herbert

Kristen Elise Laing-Herbert

Kristen Elise is GM and blog girl. Trying to live her unedited beauty truth - lifestyle, skincare, self-confidence. 

Unearthed. Unedited. Unforgettable.

Her mission as the Creative Director, is to help LaGaia become the 'Unedited Beauty Crusaders' of luxury spa brands. Enter LaGaia Unedited - without fluff marketing, false promises, LUE offers unedited formulations - natural + organic, unedited confidence and an unedited lifestyle to walk on the wild side every day.

"Luxury skincare is as much about character and personality, as elegant natural beauty. Skin that radiates au naturelle, is the most precious adornment any woman could wear. Transparency, no false promises and making studio photography and editing a thing of the past bringing street photography from 'point & capture' - straight to print." ~ Kristen Elise