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Silica, powerhouse and precious to our Precious Elements Range

Silica, powerhouse and precious to our Precious Elements Range

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5 reasons why Jade Stone Rollers are better than botox!

5 reasons why Jade Stone Rollers are better than botox!

reason 1  Jade stone massage is different than the standard hot stone massage you see in spa's. It is a deep tissue massage without the pain! Because of i... [more]
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Face Nudist

Mesh cut-outs, laser hem lines and face nudity. Skin is sexy and lets face it, it's in fashion. 
If your not wearing your skin fabulously unedited and fashionably in-style, your hearing it here first; strip your face and enjoy the bare road ahead of you this summer!
We don't want to dream anymore about skin that looks amazing with or without makeup, go unedited confidently. This is where our story begins. Culture continually jumps from trend to trend and there is still the pressure to have perfect porcelain skin and as a result, we are urged to wear more makeup. If your anything like us than when you are surrounded by what looks like a Revlon ad campaign, (ultra airbrushed), we feel like maybe we should have applied foundation instead of our SPF 15 Illuminating powder. There is an expectation for basic professional presentation, and 'face-nudity' unfortunately doesn't make the list. 

As a budding 'face-nudiest' I will find every opportunity to excuse myself from the daily tyranny of the 1 hour beauty regiment, which mind you, does involved making myself a cup of tea and other such kitchen run's between layer applications of various hair care products, primers and moisturisers. I like things simple, LaGaia's Unedited Beauty crowd believe that your most flawless self is always highlighting the natural and unique features. Your freckles are your friends, and if we are being real, are super sexy!

One of my favourite places to go unedited is at the gym, for many reasons other than makeup feels uncomfortable when I'm perspiring and trying to collect my sweat before it makes it to the floor, eventually discovering that one of my perfectly shaded eyebrows disappeared hours ago and I've been walking around with one and a half eyebrows (heavens sake!) Getting a good workout in, like that regardless of whether your eyebrows survive the event, is fantastic for your skin and wearing makeup during this process can cause irritation and blockage. If there was ever a place we didn't have to worry about whether we are photo ready, it's got to be at the gym.

"Getting your heart rate up increases the flow of oxygenated blood to your skin giving you an instant glow. Working out also helps to relieve cortisol levels, which is a stress hormone and is known to assist in wrinkle development. Exercising helps rid you body of this age-toxic hormone and also helps collagen production to help boost the proteins that help your skin remain firm, supple and elastic." Dr. Jean D. Laing DC. So instead of running to the bathroom and reapplying makeup try a few jumping jacks...

We want to help the world discover consistent, naturally beautiful skin that glows from sunset to sunrise to sunset. 
If your guilty of packing half your makeup arsenal in your purse, you might want to jazz up your skin routine and maybe your gym routine. Skin confidence is definitely something lacking in the world and in my generation of Millennials particularly, always trying the latest and greatest products. Growing up with beautiful glossy magazines with women airbrushed to infinity and beyond, one can't help but be sucked into these beautiful images and believe that flawless contouring, and highlights coupled with the 'face of wonder', is what your resting face should be. 

We love new high-tech ingredients, we make sure that we create skincare that is needed and essential for everyone to have properly cleansed skin and a well hydrated glow. We don't promise the fountain of youth however we guarantee satisfaction. 

A product that works hard for you.


(published 07/09/2015 @ 19:49:00)

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Kristen Elise Laing-Herbert

Kristen Elise Laing-Herbert

Kristen Elise is GM and blog girl. Trying to live her unedited beauty truth - lifestyle, skincare, self-confidence. 

Unearthed. Unedited. Unforgettable.

Her mission as the Creative Director, is to help LaGaia become the 'Unedited Beauty Crusaders' of luxury spa brands. Enter LaGaia Unedited - without fluff marketing, false promises, LUE offers unedited formulations - natural + organic, unedited confidence and an unedited lifestyle to walk on the wild side every day.

"Luxury skincare is as much about character and personality, as elegant natural beauty. Skin that radiates au naturelle, is the most precious adornment any woman could wear. Transparency, no false promises and making studio photography and editing a thing of the past bringing street photography from 'point & capture' - straight to print." ~ Kristen Elise