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Silica, powerhouse and precious to our Precious Elements Range

Silica, powerhouse and precious to our Precious Elements Range

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5 reasons why Jade Stone Rollers are better than botox!

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Coffee for you're skin? Beauty Sleep or Espresso...

Fatigue is quickly becoming a world epidemic causing puffiness, dark circles, break-outs and stressed out skin - a bad combination of long days and late nights, these conditions have allowed us to test out bag-banishing and puff-preventing ingredients. Amen, hooray, Woohoo, for products that work! However how can we support beauty in our sleep?

Firstly, has everyone heard of a little demonic hormone called cortisol? Well, introducing the enemy to radiant, beauty sleep skin, AKA the 'stress hormone'. Elevated levels of cortisol can lead to increased stress and inflammation in the body, degenerating your skin's quality and health. Poor sleep can lead to increased stress hormone release in the body and an increase in severity of inflammatory skin conditions like, acne, psoriasis or atopic dermatitis. Yikes! 

6 Reasons why getting a good nights rest is important for skin health;

1) Not enough sleep can exacerbate existing skin conditions
2) A poor nights sleep diminishes you skin's natural radiance
3) Immune-related skin problems can be made worse with a poor sleep cycle
4) Not enough sleep, leaves your body unable to balance its hydration levels = less natural beauty
5) Not enough sleep can be linked to fluctuations in weight (not the good, healthy kind)
6) FINALLY: not enough sleep accelerates the ageing process!!

Some highly recommended products to assist your beauty game:
If it weren't for well formulated cremes, gels, lotions and potions we would be walking around looking just as tired as we feel - Eeeeekk!

NOW ladies, we are not 'living in the clouds' believing that a cure can come from a cream when a little more shut-eye could eliminate the morning shock and horror ritual resulting in overdosing on espresso and face skewing till our heads hurt more than it did to start with! 

Product application and ingredients are everything in this delicate game of skin perfecting. The areas you need to apply such ingredients like Diamogen Complex - Copper Tri-Peptides and ATP Peptides found in our Diamond Eye Gel  & Copper Peptide Gel - well known for their regenerative properties, fine line plumping, puff-taming and dark circle eliminating power - are; eye area, lip area, neck, chest (everywhere!). However for sake of product conservation we will only apply to the areas on the front-line.

The trick is in application - the windows-to-our-souls need a tender touch. Begin on the inside of your eye - under tear duck (do not apply product too close to lid, just the contour ladies - you've been fore-warned).

Press from corner of eye out to temple - this direction fights the natural formations of fine lines and also this pressing action creates a slight stretch in the skin allowing product to work itself into micro-crevasses of the skin, BONUS - there is no vision blurring or eye-watering during this application method. When this 'press & release' method is used the skin is able to grab the product more easily - aiding in absorption. This is stage one.
Second is the skins' natural intelligence accepting ingredients, (preferably scientifically proven ingredients to achieve real life results). 
Don't be shy - place a few dabs under your brow as well and press-release out toward the temple. 

Insert shameless product plug 'here'. If you currently have a product you love, try using this method or if you have a product your not getting results from, we suggest trying something new. This application method helps the build up of fluid causing puffiness to drain - combined with peptides and tightening ingredients - this is the little shot of 'espresso' your eyes have been crying for every morning until now!



(published 10/06/2016 @ 02:20:00)

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