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Silica, powerhouse and precious to our Precious Elements Range

Silica, powerhouse and precious to our Precious Elements Range

LaGaia is delighted to announce the UNEDITED Precious Element Range; Australia's first ever skin quenching range devoted to anti-ageing, silica and balan... [more]
5 reasons why Jade Stone Rollers are better than botox!

5 reasons why Jade Stone Rollers are better than botox!

reason 1  Jade stone massage is different than the standard hot stone massage you see in spa's. It is a deep tissue massage without the pain! Because of i... [more]
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Hyaluronic Serum

Miracle plumping and hydrating serum! Light hybrid gel of Pure 100% Hyaluronic Serum with the ability to hydrate cells at the deepest dermal levels. Holding its weight in water 1000 times, it seeks out dehydrated cells to nourish them and reduce the signs of ageing. Add into moisturiser, mask or apply neat to skin once cleansed and toned. FRAGRANCE FREE


airless pump packaging, travel friendly


Our Price: $76.00 Qty

Also available: Day Creme SPF15 Copper Peptide Toner Mist Masque Creme Amethyst - Precious Element Nourish Creme with Rose Quartz - Precious Element Skin Renewal -JetSet Pack Beauty Stone Rollers - Jade


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Apply 1 pump onto cleansed skin, face, neck and decolletage as directed morning and evening or blend with prescribed LaGaia product.

Sodium Hyaluronate 100% pure & naturally sourced

Free From: parabens, synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals

LaGaia products are never tested on animals

This highly concentrated gel serum, acts like a water magnet to bind and attract moisture to protect skin from dehydration and enhances the skin's natural moisturizing factor(NMF). Naturally found in skin, hyaluronic acid is effective at maintaining the skin's moisture balance, the key to healthy, younger looking skin.

  • As we age, the skin's hyalouronic acid content decreases
  • Natural component of the dermal layer of skin
  • Binds water 500-1000 times it weight-water magnet
Add one pump into face and body products daily

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