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Copper Gel Mask

Lightweight, aqua gel mask of ground Copper minerals and Peptides. Enriched with Poly-Gluta...

Diamond Eye Peptide Gel

Rich gel serum of potent ATP Peptides that visibly plump and tighten skin. Enriched with gro...
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First Signs of Ageing

The first signs of ageing, like tornadoes and earthquakes, seem to come without warning. One day you're looking even-toned and luminous, battling the young person skin woes of acne and, well acne, when suddenly- what is that line? And how come your have dry patches? Your have them, of course, because your skin is a living think, getting older as you are - but you shouldn't obsess over that. A little entry-level anti-aging skin... [more]
LaGaia's Blog

LaGaia's Blog

This Blog has been created with the vision of our "Project Good Skin" team. PGS is about creating naturally radiant and healthy skin through pH balanced formulations, active & non-toxic ingredients.  ... [more]
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