14 products

14 products

Ageing for our skin means pigmentation, sun spots, fine lines and wrinkles. No-one likes getting old, but no-one likes being sold false promises either. The anti ageing skincare market is huge, so it can be difficult to determine what works and what only claims to work. Here at LaGaia UNEDITED, we specially formulate and test our products to ensure we can deliver the positive results we promise…

Cleansers & Creams

Cleansing and moisturising daily is a good step towards preventing premature ageing, as congestion accumulated overnight and throughout the day will do damage. Our Vitamin Complex Cleanser is made for those concerned with the appearance of ageing, with Vitamin A & Vitamin C working to reduce irregular pigmentation and thicken the layers of skin. Our Amethyst Cream uses Ground Amethyst Quartz to keep the skin’s structure strong, and Apricot Kernel & Ginsen to stimulate cells to tighten and firm. And our Rose Quartz Cream is packed with nourishing ingredients like Aloe Vera, Sodium Hyaluronate & Vitamin E to maximise your overall, anti ageing results.

Serums & Gels

Serums are known for their potent anti ageing properties, as they are highly concentrated and absorb quickly into the skin. As we age, our bodies lose Vitamin A, which triggers wrinkles and a dull complexion, but adding retinol to your routine can reverse this. Our Vitamin A Skin Regeneration Serum features clinically tested and proven Retinol Molecules, Retinol & CelluCap R. Our pH Balance Serum contains Vitamin B to saturate the skin in anti ageing protection, defy cellular dehydration and inflammation degeneration, and our AHA Refine Gel is a gentle exfoliant to kick start the cell renewal process and boost collagen production to help thicken skin over time.

Balms & Masks

When the skin is dry, it accentuates the appearance of lines and wrinkles and makes you look older, so hydrating balms and face masks are a good way to lock in moisture. Our Pearl Mask beauty balm contains 20 different amino acids to support collagen and plump the skin. Apply it in the evening after cleansed skin to fight dehydration and fine lines. Our I'll Make It All Better, Sheet Mask is a high performing product in your anti-ageing arsenal, with Copper Peptide to rejuvenate dermal tissues and repair cells, and Vitamin B3 to even skin tone. And don’t forget - because the sun is responsible for approx. 90% of skin ageing, make sunscreen application a part of your daily routine too.