SPF & Sun Repair

12 products

12 products

Even on cloudy, wet and windy days, our skin is susceptible to sun damage. Without regular sunscreen and after sun lotion application, our skin can become dry, dull and damaged. Although the UV index varies throughout the day, being protected no matter the weather is the best way to keep your skin supple and healthy all year round…


You should be wearing sunscreen every day (yes, even in winter). Introduce a light, moisturising SPF15 into your daily routine, and swap it out for an SPF30 when you need a little extra protection, or a vegan SPF50 if you’re undertaking sports and could do with 3 hours water resistance. All our varieties are suitable for sensitive skin.

After Sun Lotion

Don’t be fooled – our hydrating after sun gel is not just burns, it’s great for your general skin health too. Containing organic aloe vera, green tea extract and pure sodium hyaluronate, it can be used as a daily, non-oily moisturiser, after cleansing and after shaving or waxing. Reducing puffiness and boosting hydration for a dewy complexion and smooth skin, it doubles as a great natural eye mask or spot treatment soother for localised inflammation and abrasions.