Dry Skin

20 products

20 products

Dry / dehydrated skin is a common condition, especially in winter. Causes often include cold weather, dry air, sun damage, hot water, and harsh skincare products & soaps. Here at LaGaia UNEDITED, we have a wide variety of dry skin busting balms, creams & gels to get your skin back to its soft & supple best!

Moisturising Creams & Balms

Start with a a gentle pH Cleansing Cream then a Macadamia Exfoliate Cream to buff away skin cells - or our lighter than air Amethyst & Rose Quartz creams. If heavier coverage is needed to soothe stubbornly dry skin, our Beauty Balm will provide a rich, moisture locking layer. And don’t leave home without sunscreen on (we recommend SPF 50!)

Hydrating Gels & Masks

Our AHA Refine Gel with Vitamin E is a chemical exfoliation for dehydrated skin, improving your skin’s ability to absorb nourishing ingredients & encouraging dermal regeneration. For hydration that penetrates deep, our Tasmanian Pearl Mask will stimulate water barriers around cells for a dewy glow, whilst our Sheet Masks will quell irritation & boost elasticity.