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12 products

When we think of skincare, we often think of our face, but the health and hygiene of our body is just as important. A good body skin care routine is essential to our overall wellbeing, as well as keeping problems such as dry skin or sensitive skin at bay. At LaGaia UNEDITED, our body care products are 100% Australian made and owned and backed by science.

Body Care

Give your skin the at-home luxury spa treatment, from soaking in bubble bath bliss to pampering yourself with all-over essential oil body wash. Our range of body creams, gels and scrubs will have you looking fresh and radiant. Gently exfoliate your legs, chest, back, elbows, knees and décolleté to get rid of dullness and brighten your skin.

Hand Hygiene & Hair Care

Keep your hands soft and nourished with our soaps, hand creams and lotion sets. And don’t forget to keep your hair silky smooth too, with a variety of organic hair care products, from pH balanced shampoos to all-natural conditioners.
So go on and give yourself some TLC, from head to toe!