Serums & Boosters

    9 products

    9 products

    LaGaia UNEDITED’s face serums, treatments & boosters are small but mighty! They come in a range of different ingredients and benefits to suit all of your skin’s needs. Potent products that fight ageing, break-outs, clogged pores, pigmentation and dryness. Personalise and focus your daily routine, by picking exactly what you want to control and improve the conditions and health of your skin. Don’t forget – they’re super concentrated, so a little goes a long way!

    Face Serums

    To get healthier skin that looks and feels radiant, add a face serum to your daily skincare regime, after your usual cleansing (toning, exfoliating) routine, but before your moisturiser. The beauty benefits of a treatment serum are many, from Vitamin A serum for regeneration to Vitamin C serum for radiance and pigmentation.

    Gels & Oils

    If you’re looking for another targeted treatment with a different consistency, give a gel or oil a go. Our newly formulated, triple-action Diamond Eye Gel reduces fine lines and dark circles, boosts nutrient levels and firms the skin. Go deeper into the dermal structures with a Copper Infuse Gel, to repair cellular damage, combat redness and inflammation, while promoting quick healing, or try our Renew Treatment Oil to soften, brighten and repair scars, spots and ultra-dry skin. A pH Balance gel is perfect for treating acne, oiliness and dark spots, whilst a Sodium Hyaluronate works to combat dehydration and inflammation.

    Mists & Drops

    For a different kind of external face serum with a light and airy twist, pick a mist! Our Liquid Lift Mist is rapidly absorbed and provides invisible and weightless protection from toxins, radical damage and blue lights. Or if you want to cleanse your skin from within, an ingestible alternative might do the trick. You can encourage detoxification, good immunity and improved sleep, all whilst drinking tea with a few droplets of our Lavender Water Drops. It can also be used in cooking and or as a drink, cold.