13 products

13 products

A daily moisturiser is essential to maintaining your skin's moisture barrier and to prevent damage. A face left un-moisturised can develop deep wrinkles, persistent dryness and an overall dull complexion. Luckily, LaGaia UNEDITED’s range of moisturising creams, balms and SPF products will keep every skin type healthy & hydrated all year round…

Creams & Balms

If you’re after light, daily protection, our Rose Quartz moisturiser cream is perfect. Packed with ingredients designed for 12hr hydration & regeneration bursts, it's aroma free (so won’t cause any sensitivities) and absorbs fast. Our Amethyst Cream’s formula improves skin’s texture, tone & clarity and is scientifically proven to provide anti-ageing results. And if you’re battling dehydrated skin, a rich and nourishing face balm will soothe irritation & inflammation.

Sunscreens & After Sun Care

Together with People4Ocean, our range of sun safe products are 100% natural and TGA + FDA approved. Non-greasy and suitable for daily use, we have everything you need from an SPF 15 moisturiser, to SPF 30 protection and SPF 50 (for vegans). And not just a post-sunburn solution, our silky aloe vera gel will give you a plump, dewy complexion.