7 products

7 products

Unfortunately, getting acne prone skin is not just limited to your teenage years. Whether it’s caused by things that are out of your control (like hormones, pollution & stress), or things that you can control (such as your lifestyle, diet & skincare routine), it’s often unsightly, sore and stubborn. Thankfully, we here at LaGaia UNEDITED have just the right products for you…

Cleansers & Creams

Ditch alcohol-infused, supermarket face wipes and get yourself a bottle of Micellar Cleansing Water with a residue free finish. Designed to gently cleanse the skin of pore clogging dirt and grime, it’s perfect for acne prone skin. If you’re after a lightweight, moisturiser that’s made for daily hydration and with oily skin in mind, you can’t go past our Rose Quartz Cream. Fast absorbing and aroma free, it won’t irritate or inflame pimple prone, sensitive skin types. Our Vitamin Complex Cleanser is a foaming formulation that removes dirt, excess oil and impurities - and all without disrupting your skin’s barrier and balance.

Serums & Gels

Face serums are good to use after cleansing and before moisturising. A pH Balance Serum will keep you hydrated, which is good for acne prone skin, as dryness can trigger an overproduction of oil to compensate. Our Vitamin A Serum contains new, acne targeting ingredients, including Retinol & CelluCap R to reduce inflammation and sebum production to prevent pimples from resurfacing. Gels are also great for neutralising acne. A Copper Infuse Gel will stabilise damaged DNA and repair stressed skin, whilst an AHA Refine Gel will encourage dermal regeneration and ingredient absorption.

Masks & Exfoliators

The on and off wearing of physical face masks for the past few years has wreaked havoc with our skin (causing many of us to suffer from “maskne”). If you’re a fan of the benefits of impurity extracting Kaolin clay, our non-cracking Balance Mask is just for you. It offers optimum skin texture support by refining clogged pores and fighting break-outs. And although you may have been put off and set back by scratchy exfoliating creams in the past, our Volcanic Exfoliate only gently - but effectively - buffs away dry skin cells that can cause congestion.

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