The Best Acne Skin Care Products For a New You

The Best Acne Skin Care Products For a New You

Acne doesn’t discriminate. Whether you are an adolescent, young adult, grown-up, acne can affect you. The key to a good acne skincare routine is to clear your clogged skin pores efficiently and consistently. 

Why do we get acne? Common causes for adult are hormonal imbalance, diet, stress, lifestyle, pollution, skincare or a lack of skincare. Even if you were lucky enough not to experience acne as teenager, doesn't exempt you from breaking out now. 

Ever noticed a mini breakout after you experience? Perhaps around the forehead where you hat or headband was sitting. The friction damages the fragile skin barrier and build up of humidity & moisture is a breading ground for bacteria. It is common for athletes, nurses, or anyone who wears a face mask in public to avoid pollution or infections.

Dubbed as maskne, the technical term for this condition is acne mechanica. The frustrating irritation and increased sensitivity is the result of physical rubbing of fabric against the skin combined with trapped moisture. Inflammation can also be caused from heavily scented or pretreated fabric against already sensitised skin resulting in exacerbated contentions like, contact dermatitis. Such situations may not be avoidable, but to get your skin back to its original condition, the best treatment is patience combined with gentle and natural restoring products

Choosing natural products among the thousands of brands in the market may not be easy. So, here we have some of the best acne skin care products with regenerating ingredients:

pH Balance product image

pH Balance Serum

pH Balance Serum from LaGaia Unedited leaves your face, neck, and other exposed areas soft and nurtured. It is a well-rounded blend of nutrients and vitamins including; B3, B5, and B6.

Antioxidants protect your skin from damaging free radicals that causes a loss of elasticity and suppleness. 

LaGaia’s pH Balance Serum gives you a 360-degree skin care solution for acne. Your skin’s protective barrier function improves with this heavy-hitting, botanical-rich product that uses botanical extracts, fruit and vegetable compounds sourced from our rich Australian land.

Pamper your skin with this golden tincture designed to speed up the healing process. This natural and active formulation rectifies the damage of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, strengthens cell membranes and keeps the skin hydrated.

AHA Refine product image

AHA Refine Gel

Fight back the environmental insults your skin receives daily with a soothing, non-granular regeneration product that neutralises acne. AHA Refine Gel has Chamomile and green tea extract hydrate your skin from the core to ensure remodelled skin structures are strong and resilient post break out.

LaGaia Unedited uses clinically tested ingredients without restoring to animal trials for formulations. This maintains their products ethical stance. With 10% Lactic & Glycolic Acid as active ingredients, this gentle gel cleanser soothes inflammation and preps the skin for high-tech treatments.

AHA Refine Gel offers the best acne treatment as it combines pigmentation evening, exfoliation, hydration and cleansing. It is aroma-free, optimum for sensitised and barrier compromised skin. It encourages dermal regeneration and ingredient absorption.

Balance Mask

Balance Mask

LaGaia’s Balance Mask provides optimum skin texture support by refining the clogged pores and removing impurities. It has a non-drying formula that helps you avoid the discomfort of the dehydration process of ordinary clay masks. You can also use this as a balancing scalp and hair treatment, simply section hair and apply into hair lines. Enhance product infusion by wrapping hair in a damp, hot towel. Voila, an at home spa treatment. 

Kaolin clay, Vitamin E and Gotu Kola provide natural pH balance, which allows you to apply this mask any where on the body; on your face, hands, feet or cover every inch. Arnica in this mineral-rich infusion helps relieve muscle tension as well as achieving skin barrier replenishment.

This acne skin care product gives you an illuminated finish as impurities are gently extracted. Individuals with dry, oily, combination or sensitive skin can use this accelerated product for maximum hydration, prevention of premature aging and healing.

Vitamin A Skin Regeneration Serum product image

Vitamin A Skin Regeneration Serum

The role of Vitamin A in facilitating new cell production is scientifically proven. LaGaia’s Vitamin A Skin Regeneration Serum improves this skin turnover naturally and addresses a multitude of anti-ageing concerns, such as fine lines, break outs and pigmentation.

This clinically-tested youth renewal serum has active Vitamin A as its key ingredient, along with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. As a natural exfoliator, it helps prevent future zits, abnormal cell proliferation and skin damage from UV rays. Radiance is easily achieved with this collagen stimulating acne skin care serum.

An ultra light and fast absorbing formula, means, it can be used in conjecture with a moisturizer. The serum utilizes micro-encapsulated technology that allows absorption to the junction of the dermis and epidermis within minutes. It has prolonged activity, remaining active once absorbed for up to 36 hours and revitalizes your skin from environmental degeneration.

Copper Infuse Gel product image

Copper Infuse Gel

Copper deficiency in the body leads to an increase in free radicals, thereby, causing cellular damage and premature ageing. Wrinkles, discolouration, cellular dehydration and skin tissue damage can occur. Acne skin care products containing copper and other minerals stabilise damaged DNA.

Copper Infuse Gel from LaGaia promotes the production of lipoproteins, which are crucial to maintaining the elasticity of the epidermal layer. Ideal for people with sensitive skin, this mineral-active gel encourages immune cell growth and reparation of sluggish areas by hastening the healing.

This aroma-free, skin-tightening and refreshing gel has active copper minerals that counteract the environmental effects of excessive oxidation. Copper Infuse Gel strengthens the dermal tissue and increases the density of structural proteins. It has calming Chamomile extracts derived from Mother Nature.

For best results, you may combine the gel with with any LaGaia product, especially treatment focussed ranges like their Hydraceutical Serums. It offers you an additional shield from environmental toxins like blue light radiation emitted from electronic devices.

Choose the best natural acne skincare products in Australia

Acne skin care is a serious matter; unfortunately, many brands that claim to be chemical-free or all-natural, rarely are. They may contain highly moisturising cleansers, irritating ingredients or aroma's that may not suit everyone, or worsen the skin conditions for someone with inflammatory skin conditions.

Choose LaGaia Unedited, an Australian company offering ethically manufacture formulations with natural & organic and clinically tested ingredients. Get unsurpassed results from botanical extracts and potent vitamins. Browse our collection to find the right acne skin products that meet your needs. We also have vegan skin care products, shampoos and body wash. Consult our experts.

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