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    3 products

    Facial masks can be an important part of your health and wellbeing routine. To protect, hydrate and invigorate your complexion, shop our range of masks today!

    Balms & Clay Masks

    If you want to wake up to dewy, supple skin, you'll need one of our Pearl Facial Masks. Formulated to improve pigmentation damage, it penetrates deep to restore and repair, and can be applied at any point during the day. Or if you’re looking for a mask that combines all the benefits of clay without the cracking, you can’t go past our Balance Mask. One of the most satisfying types of facial masks for your skin, it’s designed to extract impurities and smooth out skin tone, all with an incredible non-drying formula. Use in the evenings after cleansing to minimise the appearance of pores and replenish your skin’s moisture barrier.

    Sheet Masks

    New to the LaGaia UNEDITED range is the I'll Make It All Better sheet facial mask. A refreshing gel mask, it encourages skin cell strengthening, fast healing, and eases inflammation and congestion. A must-have in your anti-ageing arsenal, it works on minimising fine lines and is even suitable for sensitive skin. It’s also fine to use pre peel, laser or surgery, and we recommend applying it post cleanser or exfoliation for the best results.