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2min Perfect Skin

2 products and 2 steps for 2min hydrated skin!
The busiest part of my day, which I'm pretty sure everyone can relate to, is between wake up (6am) and starting work (8.30am). This is the time where gym, attempting to shower, coffee and something resembling a meal happens. Add to this, for those that have a dog, walk the dog and feed them. Add again, for those with children, their kids morning routine plus school drop off! I salute everyone accomplishing all this within this timeframe.

In 2019, everyone is so hyper-active and hyper-productive, how do we fit in time for a little productive pampering?

Prepping skin for the day is very important because after the skins sleep cycle (regeneration phase), which occurs overnight, the skin goes into protection mode, ready for the day.

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