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5 Reasons Why pH Balanced Skincare Products Are Important

"For the body to thrive, remain in balance, and avoid health problems, the ideal pH is 6.5 - 7.5, just slightly alkaline.”

But what is pH? pH stands for the power of hydrogen in our bodies, in other words, how alkaline or acidic our body is. Research into the values and importance of pH has been ongoing for many decades, with the first publication linking the body and hydrogen power documented as early as 1888.

pH, however, is more than just a scientific scale or a range of colours on a chart. pH balance is important in ensuring our bodies are performing at their optimal level, and from a surface perspective, that our skin isn’t suffering from fluctuations or sensitivities.

In this blog, we will teach you all about how to balance the pH of your body and skin, and look at five reasons why pH-balanced products should be a part of your daily skincare routine…

1. The pH Balance in Your Body

It is crucial that the pH of your body is balanced. Too much acid in the blood, known as acidosis, creates a detrimental environment. That condition weakens the body as well as the immune system, opening it up to disease. It also means that a healthy microbiome can't prosper, an integral part of healthy skin and a healthy body.

A pH below 7 can lead to cardiovascular damage, premature aging, kidney stones, and many other health issues. An amazing number of common conditions and diseases today can be caused or exacerbated by an imbalance between these two. Allergies, inflammation, certain cancers, kidney disease, and weight problems are just some.

Certain foods can be good or bad for pH too, so understanding what you're putting inside your body as well as on top of it, is important.

2. How pH Balance Relates to Healthy Skin

The ideal pH value of skin, not matter if the skin is on the face or body, should be between 4.4 and 5.75. If not kept within these healthy parameters, the skin's microbiome is disturbed, the protective barrier dysfunctions and the opportunity for inflammation, dehydration, irritation and breakouts raises.

When the moisture contained in the superficial layers of skin falls below 8 to 10%, it becomes dry and rough, and it can crack or wrinkle. The factors that contribute to this are; inappropriate water consumption, UV rays, stress, an imbalanced diet and topicals that aren't bringing your skin back to its happy place on the pH scale.

Make sure you always use pH balanced cleansers for your face, if they are too acidic or alkaline in pH range, use as a treatment cleanser versus your everyday option. Read on to see what more you can do.

3. How pH Balance Can Fix Common Skin Problems

Although there are ways to test your overall pH levels, it is simple to get a general idea of your skin level by observation. A well-balanced skin will have a soft, smooth texture without dry spots. Dry patches feel like a roughened textural superficial layer. 

The key to balancing your pH is to protect and maintain your protective barrier which intelligently retains moisture for your deeper skin cells and tissues. This delicate balance maintains soft, supple and firm skin. A common mistake is to think dry skin needs a moisturiser, and oily skin does not. Both types of skin need to maintain a skin appropriate pH and a good tip is; "like treats like". Replenish what your skin biologically needs, with oils or moisture. 

If your skin is kept too alkaline above 6-6.5, you may experience excessive dryness and wrinkling. Your skin may become inflamed, presenting as rough and red. According to a 2010 study in the British Journal of Dermatology that tracked women's skin over an 8 year period, women with an alkaline stratum corneum (the outermost layer) were more prone to sun damage and developed more fine lines and crow's feet than women with acidic skin.

However, people who have kept their skin in too much of an acidic zone (with a low pH value of 4.3 or below) usually develop pimples, acne, or inflammation. So the question is: how to balance skin pH?

Dry skin is like a sponge. The drier it is, the more difficult it is to rehydrate. As you take steps to restore a healthy pH, your skin will be more able to absorb the formulations you apply. 

pH balance testing with test strip paper

4. The Best Ways to Achieve a pH Balance

A healthy pH balance can best be maintained both internally, and externally. Internally, eat plenty of green and leafy foods (very alkaline) lots of vegetables (trace minerals and vitamins), and drink plenty of water (essential to all fluid retention in body). Externally, use top-quality formulations, sourcing high grade ingredients to repair damage and restore a healthy moisture level.

Cleanliness may not be akin to godliness, but it is certainly a major step towards healthy skin. This calming cream cleanser is non-irritating, while also protecting and restoring the pH barrier (AKA acid mantle, protective barrier). It is ideal when used alongside other pH-balanced products.  

Establish a good skin-care regimen, doing each of these on a regular basis. 

  • Cleanse on dry or lightly damp skin, remove with a face cloth to get the best results (2x daily)
  • Exfoliate skin by using a recommended exfoliant for your main skin concerns to remove dead cells and congesting debris (1-2x weekly)
  • Treatment Serums pick one or two for your main skin goals and work them in daily or every 2nd day
  • Moisturise, use a treatment hydrator that is pH balanced and for your skin concerns. Designed for oily (dry) or moisture lacking (dehydrate) skin (2x daily)

5. The Use of pH Balanced Products in Skincare, Creams, and Cosmetics

In addition to all these pH-balanced skincare products for your face, you also need to consider the cosmetics we ladies wear on our faces every day. Make a point of looking for the best pH-balanced beauty products available. Mineral based, oil and humectant rich.

Always avoiding applying products that are too acidic or alkaline for prolonged periods of time. Even if you use the best make-up to help restore moisture, you still need to maintain the pH-balanced skincare for your face. One of the best ways to do this is to use this Vitamin-B complex pH Balance Serum.

This product works by saturating the skin with compounds designed to fight premature ageing, oxidative stress (UV) and products that disrupt your protective barrier (pH imbalance). With regular use your skin's barrier function will improve as well as its ability to protect itself from free radical damage and degenerating outside elements.

Our Philosophy

Here at LaGaia, we believe in a complete skincare range of pH-balanced products. We aim to deliver clinically proven vitamins, peptides, minerals, botanical extracts, and the best nature has to offer.

There is no doubt that the more you can create a regular skincare routine, the better balanced your skin pH will become. If you still have any questions or need further advise, you are welcome to consult one of our experts anytime. 

Be bold! Be beautiful! And be pH balanced!

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