7 Signs It's Time to Start Using Face Serum

7 Signs It's Time to Start Using Face Serum

Skincare can feel like a never-ending journey and as we age our skin changes, which means that our regimens require adjustment. There are all types of products available to help with changes that arise, one in particular is the face serum, which is essential for targeted results.

Read on for seven signs that it's time to begin adding a serum into your daily routine. 

What Face Serum? 

Before adding one into your skincare regimen, it's important to understand what it does. Face serums are used to add nutrients, actives and bio-identical replenishers into the skin. Thankfully there are different formulas to suit every need. 

Serums include ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, retinol, and peptides, along with other antioxidant rich vitamins and extracts. They are typically applied right after cleansing, to clean skin prior to your hydration step. Face serums will add hydration and refinement to your main skin concerns like; enlarged pores, texture, acne, pigmentation or anti-ageing.

With a product so great, it can be tempting to use over them, there are certain signs that indicate the need to start using serums ASAP! Here are some of the common ones.

1. Aging

The first sign is a natural part of life: ageing. It's true that once we hit our 30s that our skin begins to change. This is when dynamic wrinkles start to form and skin begins too thin as a result of lost collagen

Finding a good anti-aging serum will not only help your skin look good on the outside, but it will also add nutrients and plumpness back into the facial structure. When used diligently, face serums will behave as a natural facelift! 

2. Dark Spots 

Dark spots can occur for many different reasons. You may have scars from acne or suffer from hyperpigmentation. Whatever the case may be, serums are a fantastic solution.

A lot of serums contain vitamin C, which is a rich antioxidant and protects skin cells from ultraviolet ray degeneration. This ingredient helps to even out the skin tone and fade dark spots over time. 

3. Decline in Texture

When skin is not properly cared for, over time, dead skin builds up and causes damage to the face.

Skin texture changes are obvious to spot and you'll notice your skin becoming more rough and uneven. Once you begin to notice the health of your skin declining, then it's time to start using a serum to give you skin a much needed boost. Often a lack of healthy and effective ingredients applied to skin can cause a degenerative cascade effect, slowing down the skin's natural anti-aging functions. By applying actives you will naturally boost skin activity and prevent premature ageing signs. Find the best face serum for you and get back to your normal glow! 

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4. Acne-Prone Skin 

Acne isn't something that only affects people during their teenage years. It can linger well into adulthood and serums can greatly improve your condition.

Investing in the best face serum for acne-prone skin will regulate oil flow, mattify  skin, even treat and prevent breakouts. When used diligently, it can stop your outbreaks altogether and erase any noticeable signs such as craters and scars that can form from acne. 

5. Puffy Eyes 

Busy lifestyles often deprive us of appropriate sleep and rest. No matter how hard we try to hide it with a chipper attitude and coffee refills, our faces will always tell our secret with annoying puffy eyes and unsightly dark circles. 

Face serums will help minimise this issue by giving the area a much-needed dose of vitamins and extracts for collagen boosting and brightening. Just be sure to only use gentle formulas, as your eyes are a sensitive part of your face! 

6. Laugh Lines 

Laughter is good for the soul, but laugh lines aren't always the most flattering! They're extremely hard to avoid since they can form from anything such as laughing, smiling, frowning and genetics. Even though they may be inevitable, that doesn't mean that they have to stay! 

Some face serums work to add plumpness back into the skin, working on improving circulation, cellular production of regenerative molecules which will improve problem areas and minimise dynamic wrinkling from laughter lines. Continued use can significantly reduce their appearance and give your face a more clear and even look. 

7. Eczema 

Lastly, eczema is a skin condition that can cause havoc on the face. It's drying and when your skin is aggravated, can cause painful breakouts. Even when your skin is not experiencing inflammation, scars from a depleted and dehydrated structure can remain. 

Serums help both during and after eczema flareups by adding hydration back into the skin, infusing a potent dose of antioxidants to prevent post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. It will help to soften, soothe and smooth out any problem areas you may have as a result of your condition. 

You can still achieve clear skin, eczema diagnosis and all! 

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Get Back to Your Glow

Adding a face serum into your skincare arsenal will work wonders for you in the long run! These products can create significant transformations for your skin and leave you with the beautiful skin you've always longed for. 

Choosing formulations that are jam-packed with vitamins and minerals are key to the makeup of healthy skin. Every editor and beauty professional we have ever encountered educates the importance of serum application and antioxidant rich formulas. Powerful products that will quickly become a necessity for your everyday post face washing routine. 

Whether you want to get in front of the effects of aging or suffer from skin conditions, there's a face serum formula out there that can help! All you need to do is understand it's benefits and find the best one for you. 

Once you find the right serum for your skin, then you can get back to your glow. Clear and radiant skin is healthy skin, and face serums just may be the best way to not only achieve it, to also sustain it! 

Are you ready to start using a face serum? Then check out our collection to find the right formula for you! 

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