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Our Top 3 Makeup Remover Tips and Techniques

Finally beauty norms blur, with around 65% of Australian women wearing makeup and about 33% of men considering or have worn makeup. We definitely don't want to exclude men out of this makeup removing conversation as they have been a major influence on the makeup market. As a unisex skincare brand, we are excited to see makeup trends and industry leaders like Rhianna and Charlotte Tilbury's recent ads featuring men wearing BB creams, foundations and other makeup products. 

What do we consider as a makeup product? Anything from; BB and CC creams, foundation, lipstick and eyeliner, to eyeshadow, mascara, bronzer and blush.

Regardless of what it is that you like to wear, you'll need to be able to clean it off at the end of the day, otherwise, you'll end up blocking your pores/follicles causing congestion and break outs. Simply splashing your face with water and scrubbing won't cut it, and if the latter is done incorrectly, inflammation and irritation will inevitably follow.

Remember that makeup removal is step 1 of 2 in a thorough evening cleanse. If you are struggling with more chronic skin conditions or simply want to prevent more premature ageing, the removal of makeup and SPF is crucial in your general cleansing routine. Quick cleansing solutions often are not as effective as we all wished they were. It's imperative to follow professional advise and prepare/clean the skin properly to ensure you get the most out of your skincare and also prevent barrier impairment, congestion and decreased dermal function.

So, are you ready to learn how to use your makeup remover like a pro? Read on for our makeup removal tips, tricks, and techniques to take the first step towards a skin supporting make up removal routine...

1. Don't Use Makeup Remover Wipes

Leading skin experts and professionals will recommend against this method, as the formulations of make-up wipes usually contain stripping and pH destabilising ingredients. This can lead to irritation and long term degeneration. 

Do's and Don'ts

Although using makeup remover wipes are the easy option after a long day or night, you do need to be careful especially if you have more chronic skin conditions. These wipes often contain fragrances or chemicals that can irritate sensitive skin.

Our recommendation is that if you have eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, or other skin conditions, you should avoid makeup remover wipes and instead stick to cotton rounds or gentle cleansers with tempered water. 

Tips and Tricks

General rule of thumb: emergency use only. Don't use them regularly if you are looking to improve the health and condition of skin.

2. Cotton Makeup Remover Pads

Cotton makeup remover pads are popular for make-up removal. With so many sustainable, reusable options available, they are also becoming more environmentally friendly too. These handy pads can work well with any cleanser you like.

To use properly, dampen them slightly and apply a bit of your favourite makeup remover (we'd recommend our Micellar cleansing water). Then, gently wipe the pads across your skin to remove makeup, dirt, and debris. Repeat this until cotton pad comes away clean after wiping it over your entire face.

One thing to note about using cotton makeup remover pads, is that these tend to work better than cotton balls. Cotton balls can leave fluff and debris on your face, cotton makeup remover pads will clear away the dirt without trailing any unwanted fuzz behind. 

Do's and Don'ts

One major don't we have to warn you about is to remember not to miss the small areas. Your cotton pads are the perfect tool for getting makeup out of wrinkles and small parts of your face that you might miss. 

These cotton rounds while a great first step might be better used post a workout to refresh skin especially if you are prone to breakouts. If you are wearing a full face of make up we always recommend a double cleanse with a face cloth for the best clean.

Remember: always moisturise your face after you finish cleansing your skin. This helps maintain well-nourished, pH balanced and protected acid mantle. The acid mantle is our protective barrier necessary to prevent opportunistic bacteria and free radical damage degeneration.

Tips and Tricks

One tip for getting the most out of your makeup remover pads is to move the pads gently over skin. Perhaps even support the skin with clean hands if you want to apply deeper pressure to remove harder to clean zones.

Do not be misguided and grab a bar of soap or hand wash after using a cleanser or micellar. Soaps are generally not designed to maintain the healthy bacteria of the acid mantle of the face. Simply rinse with a clean and damp face cloth or cotton round.

A bag of cotton pad makeup removers

3. Electrical Devices

Did you know that there are actually some electric makeup removers out there?

These handy devices help you get rid of your makeup in no time at all. Typically, these devices use sonic vibrations to get the makeup off your skin. Sometimes, they'll also include LED lights that help smooth your skin.

Do's and Don'ts

One thing you'll want to do when using this brush, is to look for one that is silicon. Other materials can harbour bacteria and applying these to skin can create unwanted inflammatory responses. Pairing your silicon vibrational cleansing device with a professionally recommended facial cleanser is ideal, do not use these with water alone. 

Ensure the device is dampened with water before getting started, and you can apply cleanser directly to the skin or the device prior to makeup removal. We like to wash our hands, apply cleanser throughly to our face (working the product into the skin first) and then apply the dampened electrical tool for the best results.

Another thing you don't want to do is use the device too frequently. While it's certainly good to exfoliate, over-exfoliation can damage your skin. Aim to use the device 2 - 3 times a week and compliment with your cotton rounds and face cloth. 

Tips and Tricks

Be gentle over the eye area. 

To take your electric facial cleanser to the next level, apply a bit of exfoliant to it. The brush will help work the exfoliant into your skin while removing dead skin and makeup at the same time.

With this quick trick, you'll actually be able to enhance your exfoliation and get even smoother, cleaner skin.

Implement the Best Ways to Remove Makeup

With this guide to using a makeup remover like a pro, you'll have no problem cleaning your face at the end of a long day - no matter which makeup remover method you chose! 

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