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Qantas First-Class - Spa & Amenities Product Partner

​Launching with Qantas in 2019 for the arrival of the history making refurbished A380 has been record making for us at LaGaia. We take pride in the partnerships we have with our Spa’s, Resorts and Hotels, and to now add an an Australian icon is a bucket-list experience and achievement.
As a part of our new partnership we will be providing Qantas First-Class with amenities found in First-Class lounges internationally and within the First-Class inflight kits & lavatory. LaGaia will also be found in Sydney and Melbourne’s First-Class Spa’s. The inflight product package consists of three aerial skin essentials; signature Peppermint Lip Balm, to ensure lips remain hydrated and ready for action. A signature Jet-Lag Facial Mist to help refresh skin during and well after flight. We have also included Amethyst Bioactive Face Cream for ultimate inflight skin regeneration and protection from the filtered and pressured cabin environment. In Lavatory 3 signature products will also be available – a Micellar Gel, the Qantas signature Hand & Body Wash and signature Hand & Body Cream.

LaGaia Qantas Skincare Range First Class

We specialise in creating customised experiences for guests whether they are in-transit or already at their destination. During spa treatments we provide a totally unique LaGaia experience, starting with trademark massage protocols, totally customised formulations and finally, signature aromatherapy journeys. These bespoke aroma journeys anchor the guests experiences to the moment in time, relived every time they come into contact with that blend, at the hand basin, in spa or at home. This is the crowning jewel to a totally unique guest experience. With Qantas we have created a wonderfully natural and signature Australian Native aroma blend of Lemon Myrtle & Geranium. These two are the strongest notes of an intricate blend of aromatics that are known for their restorative and grounding abilities. This blend is found in their inflight kit face mist, their hand & body cream, and their hand & body wash

LaGaia Qantas Skincare Range First Class

Our First-Spa’s will feature signature treatments design for the traveller. We’ve partnered with Qantas to deliver a range of treatments that replenish, revitalise and refresh travellers before, during and after their journey. We understand the stress that travel, jet-lag and pressurised environments place on your skin. Our LaGaia Unedited range is a first-class menu of Australian, sustainable and active infusions that will balance and restore your skin and body so that you arrive looking and feeling like you have just stepped out of a spa rather than off a flight.

LaGaia Qantas Skincare Range First Class

 Our menu consists of 4 treatments;
  • Facial Elevation
  • Neck, Shoulder & Scalp Massage
  • Hot Stone Back Massage
  • Foot Soak & Massage


Our focussed menu treats the main concerns of frequent flyers with no-time to treat themselves, except before flight where normally you might be topping up on your coffee or watching the clock at the gate. Our 20min treatments provide precise pressure point therapy, hot stone muscular recovery, season mineral scrubs and products packed with ingredients to ensure you’ll emerge feeling lighter, more relaxed and ultimately ready to face whatever it is waiting on your arrival.

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  • Mona Skinner

    Thank you 🙏🏻 I had been traveling for 36 hours . I must have looked like I had been kicked by a mule and drug through dirt because Mrs. Jackie at the Qantas desk took pity on me, to help me relax she offered me a facial!! To my surprise LaGaia was so refreshing and amazing. I absolutely loved this product and my skin felt so soft and fabulous, I was ready for the next 18 hour leg of my trip!

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