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Don’t start your day without a good morning skincare routine. There are three main reasons as to why it’s so important. 1) To wash off any sweat and grime that has built up overnight and clogged your skin. 2) To address any conditions you may have with specific products. 3) To give your face a clean slate for the day ahead and protect your skin from the weather, such as the sun, wind, rain and humidity…

Cleanser & Primer

Although you may wake up feeling refreshed after a good night’s sleep, your skin is anything but. You’ve been shedding dead skin cells, toxins and bacteria throughout the night, so now they (and any products you put on before bed) need to be thoroughly washed off with a cleanser. If you use a cream or oil based cleanser as part of your morning skincare routine, apply it with washed fingers to dry skin in circular motions. Then remove it with a face cloth. If you’re partial to a primer, now is a good time to use one as it will balance the pH of your skin and prepare it for moisturising and make-up.

Serum & Spot Treatment 

Antioxidant, anti-ageing and anti-pigmentation serums work well when applied at the start of the day. They will help shield your skin from everyday environmental pollutants and free radical production as a result of UV light exposure. Apply your favourite serum to your face and neck with gentle fingertip taps and let it naturally soak into your skin. If you’re struggling with stubborn acne, use a spot treatment to target blemishes (which will most commonly come as a cream or a pimple patch).

Moisturiser & Sunscreen

One of the most crucial steps for both morning and night is a moisturising cream. This will provide a protective barrier and keep your skin looking soft, as well as giving you a good dose of hydration, reducing any dryness you may get from the previous products you’ve used. On top of that, you should always add sunscreen, whether it’s a sunny day or not. If you’re not going to spend much time outdoors, an SPF15 will suffice, otherwise an SPF30 or higher is needed. 

For a full list of recommended products, see our morning skincare routine page.