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21 products

Are you on a long haul flight? Cooped up in the car for hours? Staying in a hotel with minimal facilities? Regardless of where you are, and how long you stay for, having an effective and efficient travel skincare set is key to maintaining a hydrated and healthy complexion. Remember to pack products that will multitask, this saves room in your suitcase as well as time!

Cleansers and Sunscreen

The two most important items to pack in your travel skincare set are cleansers / make–up removers and sunscreen. When you are on the go, all weather conditions will require a cleaning and protecting step, you’ll need products that can clear and clean your skin of dirt, debris and grime as well as those that protect skin from environmental degeneration. pH Cleansers and Micellar Water Cleansers are perfect for this. Another travel essential is sunscreen, there is nothing worse than getting badly burnt on holiday. A SPF 30 or SPF 50 sunscreen is recommended for proper protection from UV rays. And no, it will not prevent you from tanning, it will protect you from burning and premature ageing. 

Face and Hand Hydration

The two most important areas of the body to keep soft and supple are the face and hands. Palm and pocket sized to fit perfectly inside your travel skincare set or toiletry bag, our luxurious and rich Beauty Balm provides a silky protective barrier to soothe irritation, inflammation and dehydration that can be brought on by environmental factors such as air conditioning and drier climates. An everyday Hand Wash is handy and our Lemon Myrtle & Geranium hand wash or Botanical Body wash can be used both for hands and body making it a multipurpose travel companion.