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Important Pre-Surgery Preparations & Skin Treatments

Your skin is the human body's largest organ. It's also constantly exposed to the outside world and its hazards. Your body can only do so much to keep it healthy and in good condition. 

Talk to any dermatologist, and they'll inform you about the importance of comprehensive skincare. It's not just for men and women trying to regain their looks or people coping with a disease. In some cases, these products can help prevent issues from popping up either due to natural ageing or advanced skin treatments. 

Here are some skin treatments and pre-surgery preparations you should take advantage of...

Concerns That Prompt Advanced Skin Treatments

Some common reasonings for intervention are UV degeneration causing irregular pigmentation and solar elastosis, chronological ageing or premature ageing, and thinning of dermal layers. There are also skin laxity, acne, and inflammatory conditions. In some cases, individuals pursue skin treatments as a form of prevention or to maintain their appearance. 

UV Degeneration

As much as people need the sun to generate Vitamin D, too much of it can easily cause UV degeneration. These degenerative changes may affect your skin's cells, fibrous tissue, and blood vessels. You may develop these changes if you tan or work outside without using sun protection

Chronological Ageing

Getting older is completely natural, as are the side effects of ageing. Your body gets less efficient at rejuvenating your skin, meaning you develop wrinkles, sagging skin, and age spots. 

The good news is that even though your body gets worse at managing those developments, there are skin treatments that can help. For example, botox reduces the appearance of wrinkles by freezing your facial muscles and shrinking them in size. 

Dermal Layer Thinning

Thinning skin is one of the many changes that happen as you get older. It's easier for scratches to break your skin and for bruises to develop. 

Technically speaking, there is no way to permanently reverse thin skin. However, you can use a combination of skin products and advanced treatments to help bolster the different layers. 

Skin Laxity

Another part of the natural aging process is sagging skin. Another term for this is skin laxity. You may develop lax skin due to other factors, such as diet, lifestyle, and genetics. 

As with most of the other signs of aging, it's impossible to completely reverse skin laxity. However, there are plenty of surgical options that provide quick results.

You may also opt for nonsurgical options that don't need a scalpel. You may also improve skin elasticity through a combination of firming creams and facial exercises. 


Acne is one of those problems you'll encounter throughout your entire life. Unfortunately, they appear most often during hormonal changes such as puberty and menopause. 

If you want to avoid making the problem worse, you should always stick to the treatment you're on and try to avoid overcleaning your skin. 

Inflammatory Conditions

Skin inflammation is not only irritating but makes your skin appear red and damaged. This condition may develop for a number of reasons from sensitive, immune dysfunction or even stress. Usually, it can go away without leaving a mark, but failure to treat them may leave scarring or prolonged discomfort. 

Preventative and Maintenance Care

A gentle cleansing and daily hydrating protocol are essential for healthy skin. It's also important when undergoing clinically advanced skin treatments or preventing problems in the first place.

You need to maintain your skin hydration every day. A hydrated dermal structure ensures the best results from advanced intervention. It also keeps your skin young and healthy by ensuring that easily oxidised molecules are protected with a juices barrier as well as immune surveillance and support molecules can easily move around damaged skin structures.

Some ingredients that help include:

  • Vitamin B5 provides moisture and plumping
  • Sodium hyaluronate provides moisture and antioxidant protecting
  • Lipids and waxes for protective barrier support and oil regulation
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Pigmentation and Solar Elastosis Intervention Skincare

Depending on the severity of pigmentation, your doctor may put in for a referral for a dermatologist assessment. They look to see if a tyrosinase inhibitor prescription is necessary. This inhibitor helps prevent an overproduction of melanin which causes hyperpigmentation. 

Products to discontinue a week before and after treatment include:

  • Lactic acid helps with plumping and clarity
  • Vitamin C brightness your skin and works as a topical tyrosinase inhibitor

Products safe for continued usage:

  • Vitamin B3 for inflammation regulation and photoprotection
  • Copper minerals and peptides for dermal remodelling and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Zinc oxide for UV protection and pigmentation prevention

Skin Laxity and Premature Ageing Intervention / Surgery

Skin laxity can be due to intrinsic or chronological ageing, this means that the self-renewal process of skin slows down or is not efficient to effectively restore skin tissues. It can also be caused by environmental degeneration which destabilises and degenerates youthful structures.

A product to discontinue a week before and after treatment includes vitamin A as well as any acids you might be using in cleansers or treatments. It helps plump the skin and provides antioxidant protection.

Products safe for continued usage: 

  • Pro-vitamin B5 used for hydration and antioxidant support
  • Copper minerals and peptides for dermal remodelling and anti-inflammation
  • Zinc oxide for UV protection and calming effect

Inflammatory Conditions and Acne Intervention

Acne and inflammatory conditions can occur randomly to anyone at any age due to a variety of factors. These include an overactive immune response, hereditary, or environmental influences. Skincare products that treat acne often aim to cleanse your skin and reduce your body's inflammatory immune response. 

Products to discontinue a week before and after treatment include: 

  • A low percentage of lactic acid for hydration and clarity
  • Salicyclic acid for antibacterial properties and acne prevention
  • Vitamin A for exfoliation and antioxidant protection

Products safe for continued usage:

  • Vitamin B6 for boosting nutrient absorption and hydration
  • Copper minerals and peptides for dermal remodelling and anti-inflammation
  • Zinc oxide for UV protection and inflammation prevention

Buy the Right Products for Your Condition

There's only so much your body can do before it starts to make mistakes or decreases it efficiency where a damaged dermal appearance become apparent. Skin treatments and procedures were designed to correct those changes and boost skin function and repair. It is essential to make sure you're using the right products or you can make things even worse. This is why your therapists wants to take you through a thorough consultation prior to treatment.

LaGaia's philosophy is to provide a scientifically-formulated skincare range of products that has all the vitamins and extracts your body needs. We put a heavy emphasis on pH balancing the skin to calm and restore skin function.

Take a look at our range of products online and contact us if you have any questions. 

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